Why is the Pledge of Allegiance Fighting for its Life

Children Participating in Pledge of Allegiance.
Children Participating in Pledge of Allegiance.

On a touchy subject as the Huffington Post reported in 2014

The Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts ruled Friday that reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in public schools does not discriminate against atheists, despite containing the words “under God.”

According to the AP, the court ruled in Doe v. Acton-Boxborough Regional School District that the phrase “under God” reflects a patriotic practice and is not necessarily religious.

“Although the words ‘under God’ undeniably have a religious tinge, courts that have considered the history of the pledge and the presence of those words have consistently concluded that the pledge, notwithstanding its reference to God, is a fundamentally patriotic exercise, not a religious one,” the court’s ruling said.

Far and away the bias of this Court can be seen as a recent cowl of God Riding Patriots come through the gates of the east. The ideology that any foundation of religion can be deemed as a patriotic practice is completely ludicrous. Does this also mean “In God We Trust” is a reference to a Patriotic Bank Service. I see Freedom slipping away from us and even though the Coptic Christians think that these things are strengthening our country, We will see the rise of Book Burning again. The Pledge is nothing more to those and everything to others, but if this is supposed to be spread to all Americans as arms in a Patriotic message would you want to form those of their own religion pledge allegiance to another God as would violate their beliefs in the process.

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